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... could it be that since replys do not automatically go back to the
list that the S/N of the list has decreased simply due to the reduction
in S?  Why is it that there seems to be several misdirected unsubscrip-
tion messages directed to the list EVERY DAY!

I do so wish I had Unka Bart's tongue, but unfortunately I don't, so I'll
have to use my own ... he probably prefers it that way too! (and Unka Bart, 
I am still remembering Frau Dora and praying that things are continuing to 

Let us consider the lover of "WT" ... or maybe it is the cooler of "WT"?
> UNSUBSCRIB: wtfan@mailbox.syr.edu
Problem #1: The word unsubscribe ends with an "E" rather than a ":" ...
            I doubt that the server can figure that one out.  I think that
            it would be better if the capitalization was removed too ...
Problem #2: The server needs to know which list you wish to have your
            name removed from.  I would bet that either "quattro" or
            "quattro-digest" would be appropriate in this instance.
Problem #3: The server does not look at mail sent to "quattro@coimbra.ans.net"
            rather it receives mail at "majordomo@coimbra.ans.net"  All
            that happens when you send the message to quattro is that it
            gets repeated around the world and we all get to delete it 
            from our in-boxes ...

If we learned from wtfan's problems we now know that an e-mail message 
that has a body that contains a line of text reading something like:

	unsubscribe quattro

gets sent to an address of:


then the sender of said message would be eliminated from the list; no fuss,
no muss.  PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF IT!  Thank you very much.

Let me make my own massive apologies to the rest of the Q-list for my 
contribution to the N term, but I don't see the frequency of unsubscribe
messages on the other majordomo lists I'm on, so I'm trying to figure 
out what the problem is.  Could it be that the people that are unsub-
scribing are joining the list through Dan or Bob's web pages?  Do you 
guys have any way to tell the e-mail addresses of people who activate 
particular functions?  Of course it could be related to the fact that
the information has been sent out through magazine articles and news-
letters ...

I, for one, would appreciate it if "wtfan@mailbox.syr.edu" could provide
some feedback to the rest of us as to how you found out about and sub-
scribed to the quattro list.  Consider it your last official act for the 
list :).  Thank you very much.  

I hope noone misconstrues my message here to be one of attempting to keep
people off the q-list.  I am convinced that the more Audi/Quattro owners
and fans we can get on the list the better it is for all of us.  The problem
is that the misposting of server commands to the list is an increasingly
frustrating occurrence, and we should be able to do something to try to 
minimize the probability that people will do this accidentally.  When look-
ing back through the hypertext archives for something I posted a long time
ago I found that my first post to the list was a request for archive info-
rmation that I misposted to the q-list ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)