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Re: Turbo 4KSQ Conversion Dudes

In a message dated 96-01-26 06:57:41 EST, you write:

>PDQSHIP - You better watch out - take one of these, add Ned and one of your
>RS2s and they'll be some vicious "Pieces, parts" out there...
>Dave Head

......  Ah yes, Dave, good point, that's the nice thing about being buried in
tweeks2B, still have lots of trix left to keep the 4kq's at bay, even in
turbo form.....  Certainly not one to be content following any 4ktq around a
track or street...   Still working hard on the 5ktq, not sure that many will
take the 4ktq route, it's a lot of work....  So, if let's say in a year there
are 10more, I don't need to dig to hard into the trix box (as apposed to the
honeycombs I suppose)......

Smile smile