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Re: Screaming Mercedes Benz 2.3-16

On Fri, 26 Jan 1996, Michael Stricker wrote:

> My 20 valve 1990 coupe was DESTROYED by this little MB!  Not only could 
> it out accelerate me from rest but at any speed above that, too.  What's 
> up with this car?  If my memory serves me correct it was about 170HP and 
> probably a couple of hundred lbs lighter but this thing was moving.  I 
> knew my coupe was a dog (compared to my 83urq, 865ktq and 200tqw)but this 
> is ridiculous.  
> Perhaps I should seriously consider the 91 200q I saw for $13K.
> Mike Stricker
> 1990 Quattro Coupe
As an owner of a 85 Euro Gray Market with 185PS, it is a great car.
Unfortunately only in the dry!
The Seats are terrible (look ok though), and you sit on the floor. BUT, I 
love this car. Original owner, ordered in Blegium in Sept 1983, received 
off the boat in October 85. Cool Car!
Paul Rivera
90 V8, 88 Pugwhat 505, 85 MB190-2.316V, Ducati 87 650SS
(An Alfa Milano -87 but it is the black sheep of the family)!