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Re: Flashers and Rear Fog(s)

At 08:02 PM 1/25/96 -0700, Brooks wrote:
>   Regarding the thread going on about the rear fog light - I have also 
>heard that it is on the left, because ( I guess this is more common in 
>Europe ) You might have pulled over to the right side of the road for 
>whatever reason. ( I'm talking about foggy conditions here ) You would 
>then go ahead and poke the fog light button, and this way cars coming up 
>behind you could see you pulled over there, and not rear end you, or 
>throw their super-big-gulp out the window at that precise spot. Unless 
>they're jerks anyway.

Well, I wouldn't do this without putting on the flashers!! Then they would know enough to slow down or pass!!
Otherwise, with such poor visibility, they may still think that you are cruising along at highway speeds.... and then, by the time they figure it all out... they are in your back seat!! Crunch!! :-(


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