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Euro light install complete!

I put in the 84 5KS Euro light assemblies to the 87tq this morning - it was
bolt in except:

1.  The passenger side assembly interferes with the normal position of the
air horn. I bent down the battery connector and turned the horn farther down.
Fit fine.

2.  The chrome bumper trim with black rubber strip - the front piece connects
at each end to the light assembly with the end chrome strip.  The Euro
assembly doesn't have a place to screw these together.  I put an 8-32 machine
screw with nut to connect the two trim pieces together for each side.

3.  The 'quattro' front trim piece doesn't fit the new grill - so what!

I'll connect the wiring later on today and see how good they are tonight - I
expect I'll still have to fit relays in to bring the voltage up.

Bottom line is its a perfect installation - looks like it rolled out of the
factory that way.  Since these came front an 84 4 light setup (originally), I
can only assume that the 4 light US DOT setup is equally bolt in to the later
models. It won't look as good (much more chrome), but would be a significant
improvement over the stock lights.  How far this will fit beyond 87?  Not

Hope the Audi gods don't get pissed for not using metric screws...

Dave Head