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Delta Radio

Hi David,

I have an 89 100 Avant that had a similar problem,
went to the dealer about 3 months ago, he say's 
"Delta radios not available anymore,  how about a 
gamma (92+ style) radio for 125.- " my first question, is 
it a direct plug in ? no.  something about an alarm......

Anyway,  I went an bought a Alpine deck, installed it 
myself,  then had a competent stereo installer hook 
up the back speaker amps. (cost me 20.-)

The difference is unbelievable.  Andrew Duane now 
has a Kenwood in his car and it sounds great as well.

When Audi was redesigning the interior for 89-91 they 
got together with Bose and did it with acoustics in mind.
They did a great job in my opinion.

The stereo opening in your car is the standard DIN 
opening.  I believe the new A4 and maybe A6 ? 
have some extra space on either side of 
the opening,  but not the 89-91 100/200 series.

To get it out, take a thick wired coat hanger, cut 2 6"
pieces, fold them both into a "U" shape, where the ends 
of the "U" will match with the 2 holes on side ina vertical
fashion.  Stick them both in,  press them to the outside
and pull.  The stereo should slide out.

My recommendation,  take the oppurtunity to get a good
aftermarket installed.  I know both Andrew and I are glad 
we did :-)  (actually my wife is glad we did :-)


Mike L.
89 100 Avant (with great Alpine sound..)
90 V8Q (With tolerable Audi/Bose.....)

================ Included Message ============================

The factory installed radio in my '89 100 has quit altogether...no lights,
sound, nothing.  This after several months of intermittent failure where it
would go off, then resume after jiggling the on/off knob.
It says AUDI DELTA on the face plate.
I recall previous posts on this subject referred to replacement by the
dealer at surprisingly low cost ($65?).

IS there any reason to expect the dealer to replace/fix this under some sort
of warranty?

I also seem to recall there is some problem with finding an after market
radio to fit in the dash?

Is there a trick to removing the radio?
  (There are holes at each corner of the face plate)

Any help would be appreciated.

David Conner        maintaining:  87 5KS   (95k mi)
Columbus, Ohio                    89 100   (70k mi)