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My new '83 TQC

Hi guys,

I hadn’t intended to de-lurk quite so soon but I bought a car 
yesterday and I have a lot of questions about it.  I was looking for 
an early ‘90’s Audi 90 quattro to replace my ‘88 90Q.  Then I found 
an ‘83 turbo quattro coupe and bought it yesterday.  It is Mars red 
with chocolate leather, has 78,000 miles, very clean, very quick and 
I am just delighted!  I know these cars are rare and desirable and I 
want to learn as much about my car as I can.  I did get an owner’s 
manual, but I am looking for more information, such as:

Were fog lights available as an option, if so what are the correct 
fog lights and is there a source for them?
If factory fog lights were not offered, then what has typically been 
used on these cars as an after market add-on?
I would like to find a sales brochure for 1983, would anyone have one 
available to sell or be willing to copy one for me?
Is there a definitive book on Audi (something like the Buyers Guide 
series) that would describe year by year features, technical 
specifications, options, caveats, etc.?  I have looked in vain since 
I bought my 90Q four years ago. . .
I gather that the quattro system has undergone improvements over the 
years.  Can anyone describe to me the evolution of quattro technology?
  Should I expect any handling differences in my new ‘83?  (I don’t 
want to be rudely surprised the first time I drive this car on an icy 
I have lots more questions but will stop now before this gets any 
longer.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

Lori Schneider

‘83 TQC
‘88 90Q
‘87 Porsche 930
‘79 Chevy Blazer (my husband’s daily driver -- he says he’s going to 
trade it for a VW Thing)