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Re: Aspen Police = SAAB!?

Yes, they really use Saab in Aspen as police cars. They are Saab 9000 turbo.
I kind of remember back in Group B Rally racing day there is a special 
built Ford RS200 built by Tickford in Southern England. They were 
limited built models like the short wheelbase Sport Quattro. After the 
Group B Rally was outlawed in Europe, I think the Sussex Police got about 17 
of them as police cars to patrol the M3 motorway in England (motorway are 
equivalent to freeway in they US and the speed limits is 80mph as least 
they were like that when I was still boarding school of over there). 

Anthony Chan
92' 100 V6

On Sun, 28 Jan 1996, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>      Hey guys,
>          I was watching a dumb movie the other day and noticed something intere
> sting.  Some people at the end were arrested in Aspen, Colorado and they were h
> auled off in SAAB 9000's with full police badgings and lights!  I thought that
> was pretty cool, but I wasn't sure if they really use SAABs as the police cars
> there, since, like I said it was a dumb movie (Dumb and Dumber to be exact).  I
> was just wondering if any of you who live in Aspen or in Colorado could tell me
> if this is true.  And, if it is, why the hell don't they use Quattros with all
> that snow around!
>                                                       Later,
>                                                       Dan