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Volvo police cars (was saab)

Yes, its true.  My little town (Falls Church, VA) had ovlov police cars 
for many years.  It was almost appropriate, as we are inside the DC 
beltway and the majority of residents are politically of the "volvo 
democrat" frame of mind. 

One of the bigger businesses in town is the Volvo dealership owned by the 
father of VIrginia's Lt. Governer, Don Beyer Sr.  Beyer Volvo always made 
sure that their bid was lower than the FOrd and Chevy dealers' so we had 
Volvo 240 patrol cars as well as an odd 740 or two.  

One of the local cops told me he hated having to drive a Volvo.  Even 
though our highest speed limit is 30mph, no self respecting cop wants to 
ride in a 2 liter 4 cylinder tank.  Now they all drive Crown Vics (except 
for an Explorer or two), and I imagine they are all happier.

Jason Douglas
Networking and Communications Systems
MITRE Corporation