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Causes/effects of low oil pressure (was Dan's 'queer' engine)

Hi All,

With this talk of oil pressure, I just wanted to ask a coupla
questions about (low) oil pressure:

-  what are the possible causes?
-  what are the possible consequences?

My '81 5+5 exhibits low oil pressure when idling warm.  Don't ask me
numbers, I'm not sure offhand, but LOW, right down near the bottom
of the gauge. It moves up to the green zone when revs increase, or
when idling cold.  It idles a little rough when warm, but usually
smoother when cold (even though auxil. air valve is shot and there's
no fast idle when cold).  Could the oil pressure have anything to do
with this, or am I way off track?  It's done 240k km (150k m) blows
no smoke, and the plugs are never dirty, just a light greyish brown
powder.  What would be causing the low pressure?


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