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Vermont q listers - need your help

My SiL just registered her 1990 100q in Vermont, she lives in Northfield.
 She told me it cost her $600!!!  Does this sound correct?  If so, I would
hate to know what a 95/96 A6/S6 would cost.  I do know she would get some tax
discount when/if she sells her current 86 acura within 90 days of purchasing
the Audi, but that discount is not very much, so I am told.

I have not had the opportunity to ask her if she gave the DMV an incorrect
model or model year, which would skew things, but wanted to know if this
sounded correct.  I do know Vermont is the only state which elected a
socialist represenative in the Congress, maybe this explains the states tax
situation!  Appreciate any information.

89 200tq