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Re: '83 Turbo Quattro Shakes


I had a really strange shaking on my car for some time, and noone seemed
able to identify it.  It turned out to be a bad strut insert.

>Hi guys, I'm posting this for my roommate who is not on-line.  Anyway, he
>has an '83 Turbo Quattro that has had horrible problems with the rear
>suspension shaking.  He has taken it to several "quattro" machanics and some
>have replaced small parts and claimed to fix it, but it shows up again later.
>Other mechanics have flat-out told him they have no idea short of replacing
>the whole assembly!  Anyway, I know this is vague and I should have had him
>describe it to me in more detail, but I was hoping someone on the list may
>just recognise this problem instantly and write back with the magic solution.
>Yeah, right!  Well, I'm just getting the ball rolling, so maybe you could
>write back with some questions I can ask him that may identify the problem...
>Thanks for any help!
>Sean  '80 Euro 928

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL