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Re: trip computer

At 01:51 PM 02.01.96 -0800, Feersum Endjinn wrote:

>I'm a proud new owner of a '93 100 CSQ.  It has just about all
>options, including an Audi (motorola) car phone and CD player.
>It doesn't have a trip computer, which strikes me as odd as from
>what I've determined, this is standard on the CS and CSQ.  Am I 
>wrong here?  Could it be that the instrument panel (and wiper stalk)
>were replaced with a base 100 unit?  Perhaps my car really has more than
>68K miles on it?  Can a trip computer be easily retro-fitted (ie. is it
>pre-wired with all related sensors in place)?

not sure exactly when, but somewhere about this time ('93 or '94) Audi
dropped some of the more troublesome "standard" equipment and offered them
as options.  i believe the trip computer was one of them.  "troublesome" was
described to me as those items constantly showing up in warranty claims.

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