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Re: I'm upset.


> 90S, whcih was the quickest of all the V6 Audis.  And, as you said, C&D is

The A4 should be quicker, it is 200 lbs or so lighter.

I agree with your assessment.  I had an 86 4kCSQ for seven years.  I used
every bit of that engine, from 800 rpm to 6100 if necessary.  Had a blast
at the same time and got 24 mpg overall, 30 on freeway if I kept it under

I get kind of irked when people want 200, 300, 400 bhp in a mass
production car, then only use a small fraction of the power, but still get
poorer gas mileage than the 130 bhp engined car they really need.  For
instance, the europeans get the 125 bhp 4cyl, 150 turbo 4cyl or 150 cyl v6
on their A4's (most of them).  My father drove the 125 bhp A4 to 120 a few
months ago in Germany.  Said it was not underpowered and felt "anchored." 
Now the US mags say the 172 bhp V6 doesn't cut it.  What a crock!!!!

Off my soapbox.

Eric Schumacher