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lurching 4000q

     Good morning fellow listers, I have an interesting question/problem 
     for someone. This morning I went out to warm up my car (854ksq) as 
     it's the coldest it's been all winter. After it was started I took it 
     out of 1st gear and took my foot off the clutch and the car lurched 
     forward about 5 ft. and stalled. I started it back up and it did it 
     again. Then I started it up, put it in reverse, moved back a few feet 
     then took it out of gear let the clutch out and it was ok.
     After driving 25 mins, everthing seemed fine.
     Is it just so cold that despite shifter position it stayed in gear?
     I dont know what to think.
     TIA, ToddC.