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Re: Front Seats

     Sounds to me like this could have been a replacement seat from a 
     This would explain heated seats as well as why the seat won't go all 
     the way forward. In the sedans the seat doesn't have to go all the way 
     forward because it has 4 doors. If this is the case, there is no fix 
     for the seat, it's made that way.

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Subject: Front Seats
Author:  Jesster436@aol.com at Internet
Date:    2/2/96 04:33 PM

Anyone have an idea why the bucket seats in my GT Coupe have different seat 
back materials?  Though they're both black with gray tweed inserts on the 
front, the back of the driver seat is vinyl on the back while the passenger 
is black fabric.  Also there are wires hanging down from the drivers deat.
 Is this a heated seat? The driver's seat also has a problem folding forward. 
 The lever on the side does not lift the seatback latch high enough to clear
the locking mechanism.  My friend's Scirocco has the exact same problem.
 Anyone else?  Quick fix?   
Jesse Almero, Jr.
Torrance,  CA
'86 GT Coupe
BTW I am a poor student!  Where I go to school there are many new BMW 3s(in 
all formats, ie coupe, conv, hatch, sedan),5s,7s-- you know how odd 4 teen 
freshman guys with McDonald's bags look in a 750iL-- even 8s,  assorted 
Benzes, Rx-7s, Supras, even a Ferrari and Lotus. Damn private university 
kids!  But I'm the only one with an Audi (except for one professor) and all 
my "poor" friends think I've got a snobby car!