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Re: Euro Light conversion

I'll check the dimensions - but that sure sounds like it - even if its Hella,
not Bosch.  I'm off to the junkyard today to check on a radiator for someone
else one the list and grab me a odometer gear.

I'm an instructor at the Navy Nuclear Power school in Orlando - E-9, EMCM(SW)
with 20 years in - going for 30...  Previous commands:  Mare Island, CA,
Idaho Falls, Idaho (X2), USS Enterprise (X2), ComNavAirPac San Diego, USS
Abraham Lincoln...

I called a place in San Jose, CA that does vacuum metalizing for plastic
reflectors on Eurolites.  He said no problem -done lots of them - 2 week
turnaround @ $25.00 each.
ph # is (408) 977-0400.  For Al Powell - another place that didn't answer was
in San Antonio (817) 831-3501 or 838-3131.  Got both # from Hemmings.  So all
you people that have bad plastic Eurolight reflectors, send them out and get
'em fixed!