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Re: Someone's upset!

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>      And it's funny how Psycho Bob mentioned that Car and Driver was
> becoming more like Consumer Reports. 

they have as little credibility as Constupid Reports (tm) and 
Mostly Trash (tm).

> Obviously they don't think
> so

obviously.  you should see how they gloat and pat themselves on the back
for being such experts and powerful forces in the industry.

>....one of the last pages in it was called "Etc." and it had a
> mock-up cover of Consumer Reports in it....making fun of them for
> being so safety conscious.

i have often wanted to start up a web page parody called "Crap and
Drivel (tm)"  but my job does not allow me to do non work related
web pages.... 

> Or, maybee that was "Road and Track"....I get the two confused.
>      Anybody e > lse.  They look exactly the same, are the same
>      thickness, and test the same exa > ct cars every month!  Are
>      they really the same magazine rebadged?

during the gulf war it was revealed that saddam hussein owned a
percentage of the parent company that owns Crap and Drivel (tm)
and Read & Throwup (tm).  heh heh heh.  that's it.  it's an
iraqi conspiracy!!!  :) :) :)

nobody denies that audi gets its turn being a victor in a comparison
test.  it's just that all these trashy rags keep shifting the targets.
one month audi will win because it's got a great chassis etc, next
month audi will be last because its cupholders can't hold a jumbo
shake...  at some point you have to wonder what their evaluations
are worth.  i have long ago decided that they are only worthy of