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I got a new toy

I am now an official member of the Quattro club.
I just bought a 87 5000CS turbo quattro, 5-speed, body and interior in
excellent condition, mechanically everything seems fine. I even got the
Bentley. I thought the previous owner was going to cry when I drove it away. 
There's a few of the standard Audi electrical gremlins such as drivers
heated seat and check engine light comes on at anything over 3000rpm (I've
been told its probably a screwy knock sensor), will check on these later.
Now my problem is I have three cars and a motorcycle and only one parking
space, and there's no overnight parking on the streets during winter. I
guess I'll have to get creative.
I think I'll go find some snow covered roads now, bye.
P.S. thanks for the advice Mike.

Burl Vibert
87 5000CSTQ, New toy, new toy
83 Coupe, Soon to be feeling better
83 911SC, In deep hibernation
85 Kawasaki ZX9, Keeping P-car company