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Re:leaky PS hose and wheel bearings

>Sandy Duffy <sandy@pcnet.com> wrote, about power steering hose 
>> Sounds reasonable to me.  Whats leaking is the high pressure hose.  Your
>> local dealer probably gets $200.00 for one of  these puppies. 

Has anyone tried to get one of these hoses made at an industrial hydraulic
supplier? It could be much cheaper. Haven't tried, don't need one(fingers
Following the recent thread on wheel bearing replacement, when I did
bearings on my Coupe I checked the ungodly price at the dealer, got the part
number directly off the bearing and went to my local bearing dealer. A
bearing there was I believe $22CDN. 
Some great deals on parts can be found in industrial parks.

Burl Vibert
83 Coupe
87 5kCSTQ
and other toys