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Re: Help! Brakes sqeaking!

I used to have alot of problem with noisy brakes with my 85' 5000s that I 
used to own. It all started with non OEM pads. I finally switched back 
to Audi pads. I had two set of Audi pads before I sold the car and I 
never had had the same problem like with the non OEM pads. I know most of 
you will say the OEM pads are junk but I got so sick of the noise with 
non OEM pads I just go back to the Audi's pads. The compound is probably 
different and also I think the non OEM pads dimension may not be exactly 
like the factory stuff so they rock back and fore in the carrier more.
The factory ones are probably non metallic or has less metallic compound 
since there is alot less brake dust with the OEM stuffs. That probably 
help since brake dust do contribute to noisy brakes. 

There are two kind of anti-sqeak stuffs to use on the back of the pad, 
there is the spray on stuff as well as the rubbery kind.   

Anthony Chan
92' 100 V6

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996 RickBSE@aol.com wrote:

> My dealer told me the incessant squeaking of the brakes in my 1989 100E is a
> result of the industry removing asbestos from brake pads several years ago
> and the recommended solution is to put up with it.
> I do not like that answer, but several other people have confirmed this
> hypothesis, in that, in the last few years they have had squeaky brakes.