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Re: auto tranny

On  2 Feb 96 at 9:55, JDEE000 wrote:

> on the original transmission which we were unaware of.  We, at
> first, marked it up to the over 100M miles on it.  A later visit to
> the dealer (150 miles away) revealed the existence of the Bulletin -
> they were sympathetic, replaced the fluid in the diff, and sent us
> on our way.  Two years later and perhaps 2,000 miles, it's broken
> again.
> We had loaned it to our son in Boston, he had to towed to an Amaco
> place who pronounced it dead and asked for $2M for a rebuild.  Told
> our son to bring 'er home.

Am I crazy, or did you say the car had over 100,000,000 miles on it 
and that the transmission would cost $2,000,000 to rebuild?  You 
must've REALLY pissed off the Audi gods!


   '85 Audi 5ks   '72 Suzuki GT380
   '85 El Camino  '73 Suzuki GT550 in pieces

    in beautiful Bay City, Michigan