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Re: 5KCSTQ(1987): Correct Oil Filter??

Hairy green toads from Mars made Randall Paquette say:

> Hey everyone,
> I'm still having problems with my car here in Georgia but I found an "Import"
> car repair facility about 15miles away - they do Saab, Toyota, VW....
> I "quizzed" them the other day as a preface to letting them work on my "baby".
> The quiz didnt get very far - actually just to an oil change.  There are two
> Mahle filters they list for my car. Part number OC-47 and OC-85.  They look
> identical - I figgr ones got the finer micron filteration for the single filter
> turbos and would likely be the more expensive of the two.  I was hoping for some
> confirmation the the OC-85 is correct (its $11 vs $7 for the OC-47).  
> Anyone out there that buys OEM filters from Mahle that can anser the
> question????

I've used the Mahle's on my '89 100Q, and they are the OC-47.
I got them for about $5 each from Imparts. I'm pretty damn sure that
the same one is used for Angela's '90 90Q20V.

I do seem to remember the OC-85 being listed for the 200/200Q, which
confirms your theory about the turbo application (for single filter
turbos - I recall that dual-filter turbos use the same as NA, and
a separate turbo filter).


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