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Re: 5KCSTQ(1987): Correct Oil Filter??

At 09:20 AM 02.05.96 -0500, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

>I've used the Mahle's on my '89 100Q, and they are the OC-47.
>I got them for about $5 each from Imparts. I'm pretty damn sure that
>the same one is used for Angela's '90 90Q20V.
>I do seem to remember the OC-85 being listed for the 200/200Q, which
>confirms your theory about the turbo application (for single filter
>turbos - I recall that dual-filter turbos use the same as NA, and
>a separate turbo filter).

Don't know what the diff is between the 10v and 20v turbos...
The Mahle filters I was given at the local parts shop are different yet!
For the '91 200q 20v, they gave me Mahle OC49.  This is equated to a Mann W
719/15, and is dimensionally the same as the dealer supplied filter,

just to add a bit more confusion!
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