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Re: Audi/Volvo

> Date: Mon, 05 Feb 96 11:33:45 CST
> From: "Todd Candey" <tcandey@usr.com>
>      I have been seeing and hearing different things about Audi building 
>      the motor for the Volvo 850 and others. Any truth to this? If so, is 
>      the 850 still a rear wheel drive car? Whose drivetrain are they using 
>      anyway?
>      Todd.

Volvo is going to/are using the 2.5 TDI (turbo charged direct
injection diesel) engine from VW/Audi.

The gas engines are Volvos own 2.5 litre 5 banger.

The 850 has always been FWD and have a transversely mounted engine.

I believe they are working on an AWD car. I have heard that the
transmission would be from porsche.