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Re: Radio silence

Hairy green toads from Mars made David Conner say:

> The factory installed radio in my '89 100 has quit altogether...no lights,
> sound, nothing.  This after several months of intermittent failure where it
> would go off, then resume after jiggling the on/off knob.
> It says AUDI DELTA on the face plate.
> I recall previous posts on this subject referred to replacement by the
> dealer at surprisingly low cost ($65?).
> IS there any reason to expect the dealer to replace/fix this under some sort
> of warranty?
> I also seem to recall there is some problem with finding an after market
> radio to fit in the dash?
> Is there a trick to removing the radio?
>   (There are holes at each corner of the face plate)

The Deltas suck. Mine died about 2 years ago (best thing that
ever happened). The holes in the sides are for removal; a bent
wire coat hanger works fine. Push in, and it releases two latches
that hold the radio to the dash.

Aftermarkets fit fine; it is a DIN mount. You will need some
impedance matchers for the rear amplified speakers, or you can
disconnect the amps and connect right to the speakers (I chose
the former).

There is a "hidden" warranty; for about $75 or so, a dealer may
be persuaded to replace it with a new one. Don't bother. It will
still suck, and you'll be out $75. Spend $200 and get a good
aftermarket one. I got a Kenwood Disc player for $275, and LOVE it.


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