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Re: GE Bumper to Bumper warranties

Hairy green toads from Mars made Nivi@aol.com say:
> As I'm still awaiting the delivery date on the S4, I wanted to find out if
> anyone has had experience with GE's Bumper to Bumper Platinum protection.
> The policy I'm considering is a 75,000mi/3yr. warranty on the S4 which has 3
> months and 9,000mi of factory warranty left...
> The dealer wants $ 1,734.00 for it - does anyone have any advice? The policy
> does NOT cover brakes, refrigerants, normal maintenance items (belts, plugs,
> brakes, clutch), glass, lighting equip, batteries...

Is this the "normal" Audi Used Car Warranty? My general advice
is to avoid these like the plague. They are like gambling in a
casino; you might hit it big, but mostly the odds are 5% or so
in the houses favor.

As for Audi Warranty, it's junk. They say "covers the engine", but
if you look at the fine print, it covers pistons, crankshaft, block,
etc. It does not cover valves, rings, seals, or anything else likely
to go. Virtually every one of my claims was denied (not that I had

What I ask the salesslime trying to sell me the warranty is:

	"So, you think it's likely this will need $1734 in
	 repairs in the next three years? Sounds like it is
	 too unreliable to buy"


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