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Re: Whoa!

>> Wow it's cold up here! (-13 deg. F!)
>Greetings Brett,
>Don't get too carried away with how cold it is in *wherever* you
>are.  Recall that there are listers lurking all over the globe,
>the really cold places......Finland, Alberta etc.
I actually didn't notice the big difference until I turned on the temp
display.  It just felt a little colder than normal.

>We experience routinely a litany of bizarre cold-related
>malfunctions.  Just keep your block heater plugged in.  You do
>have a plug-in at your parking spot at work don;t you?

OK, a)I don't have a block heater(no need, not a diesel), b)I don't go to
work(well I guess it's work.  I go to school)

It only rarely gets that cold.  Today it was back up to 10 deg.
Also, block heaters are _not_ good for engines.  As any piston engine pilot
will tell you,recent reports by mechanics and Lycoming(sp?) show that when
block heaters warm up the engine, the tiniest bit residual moisture in the
engine/oil causes rust all over the place, accelerated by the heat.  The
general reccomendation is a warmup of less than half a day, only when
necissary.  Any longer and the rust starts to build very quickly.