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Pumps and Racks...

Hello, all.  I was told 12 months and 9000 miles ago that the power 
steering pump and short rack on my 87 5KSQ needed replacement, 
imminently; told so by University Audi in Seattle.  In fact, they made me 
sign a liability waiver in order to drive the car away.  Because I'm a 
student, and I had just replaced the front struts and a left upper strut 
mount, I deferred.  Anyway, I have used exactly ONE liter of mineral oil 
since that time (just bought a 2nd yesterday), and since the struts and 
mount were replaced the car has handled wonderfully.  Yesterday, a guy 
interested in buying this vehicle had an independent garage check it out 
for him (I had told him about these things), and they told him exactly 
what I'd been told one year ago!  What is your experience?  Can the pump 
and rack suddenly, and without warning give out?  Is it potentially as 
dangerous as suggested?  I've read most of the prior posts on pumps and 
racks, but none which suggested the possible ramifications of waiting 
like I have.  Also, what sort of performance enhancements would be 
worth considering in my normally aspirated motor (which runs great!) 
with over 211K?  I know, you're wondering if I'm for real! :-)  I am.   
Would really appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks.

87 5KSQ (211K)
92 Subaru SVX LS-L w/touring pkg. (33K)