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Audi engine transplant


This would probably be appropriate for the list, since it may involve Audi
parts. First some background:
A friend of mine blew the head gasket on his VW Westphalia (sp?)
Rather than spending $2000 for a rebuild he's toying with the idea of using
an engine from the other VW-Audi cars.

Question for the list is, has anyone done, or heard of, swapping in an Audi
4 or 5-cyl in-line engine into the van? It's an automatic with a gas motor,
and he wants to keep the current trans package.

Rumor had it that VW once had a diesel in the Vanagon, and I suspect that if
true, it must've been the 4-cyl watercooled block.

If you can provide any info, please reply privately unless of interest to
the list. Suppliers, parts, kits, etc would help greatly.

A similar post is going to the VW watercooled list.
Thanks in advance.

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