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specific details to my A/C prob

Some of you tell me they never saw my first message, so here goes again:

My A/C will not recirculate, which it is supposed to when you set the temp on
low and fan speed on normal or high, and high fan speed is not so high.  When
it is on high, the foot vents are blowing also, which I think they are not
supposed to.  In addition, when my A/c is on, the darn thing will suddenly
out of nowhere start blowing out of the defrost!!!  I will then start cursing
the unit and pushing different buttons until it goes back to dash vents.  It
sounds like maybee a vacum leak or bad A/C controls. 
     I've been looking for a Bently manual for 3 months now, and just saw a
post yesterday concerning some of Dorab's dealer friends who might have one,
with a Coupe and a 90, I need one bad.  I think if I can find out how to swap
the A/C units between my two cars, I can narrow down the problem.

Thanks for the help and any advise, I guess I should move out of Florida to
the north where the rest of the Quattro owners are..

Christian Long
currently sweating in 82 degree florida, and honestly hating it
1990 Coupe
1990 90