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Re: quattro system?

In a message dated 96-02-06 10:37:35 EST, eliot@u.washington.edu (Eliot Lim)

> they don't have to meet any kind of fuel economy or safety standard

SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks do, in fact, have to meet fuel economy
standards and safety standards.  The fuel economy standard for these "light
duty trucks" is lower than that for passenge cars; nevertheless it exists.

Safety standards for "light duty trucks" are different than for passenger
cars, but these are being merged over time.  Within two to three years, all
these vehicles will have to meet passenger car safety standards.  Many
manufacturers are already voluntarily bringing trucks into passenger car
compliance.  I say "voluntarily", but this has a lot to do with customer
damand and the natural lifecycle process for vehicles - it's easiest to
comply with new standards in the design stages.  As a result, the newer the
design, the more likely that the vehicle complies with latest standards.  The
Chrysler minivans are a good example of a "light duty truck" which colplies
with most, if not all, passenger car standards.