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Re: debate on the list

> it now also seems that using the list to debate and discuss design issues
> of Qs vs. others or magazines that cover Qs is becoming increasingly
> unacceptable, or perhaps it's just my style... 

It's not unacceptable, just try to keep content relevant.  These
little side discussions tend to get out of hand.  Nothing is
stopping you from having a private email discussion with
others who might want to discuss the same issues.
> let's have a discussion here about this.  if everyone wants to make this a
> list solely for the purpose of discussing how to fix little problems (or
> how to purchase an a4 for as little $$$ as possible) i have little
> interest in continuing to subscribe.  my interest in cars have always been
> beyond the ownership day to day issues. 

There is no sole purpose to the list.  There are lots of different
types of Audi owners.  Some are rolling in money and could care less
what they cost to fix, and enjoy travelling to QCUSA events all 
over the country.  Others (myself including) recognize that these
are fantastic cars at a budget price, but very expensive to 
maintain IF you don't know the secrets of repair and where to get
parts.  Thought it's not your main concern, you have been able to
share info on the V8 which others were unaware of.  We will all
have something to contribute at one time or another.
> i can take the heat that my comments generate, but i don't want to be
> accused of bringing up inappropriate subjects.  i can always find
> other places to debate my ideas..

No one was accusing you of that, just picking you as an example
because you made the statement you were not interested in reading
about repairs.  Like I said, if the content is relevant, it's
welcome, but when it starts to drift off into left field, it
would be better to keep it private (hint: only 2-3 people mailing
back and forth, as opposed to a wide discussion).

I would consider splitting the list into a .tech and a .misc section,
but I've seen what splits have done to Usenet groups and I don't
want the quality of the posts here to drop off.

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