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Re: Pumps and Racks...

>I have never had a pump fail.  IME I lived with the slowly leaking rack for 
>quite some time until the rate of leakage increased.  The car tells you when

>the fluid is low, so as long as you are prepared with an extra bottle or two

>of Pentosin I wouldn't worry about it, just monitor it ...
>I'll post this to the list as well.  I am speaking from a sample of 1, there
>may be some more extreme examples out there ...

I've had a leaking pump and rack for the last year and as long as I don't 
make any full lock turns I can keep my Pentision consumption quite low, 
like 1 litre a month to month and a half. But, If I do lot's of tight 
parking I'm gonna add at least a litre every week!  Remember if the pump 
fails you've got both manual steering AND brakes, and unless your 
prepared for the increased effort in the brake pedal your in for a big 
suprise!  Me, I personally like unassisited brakes, but then I'm used to 
driving Race cars.


Eric Fletcher