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Re: Pumps and Racks...

On Feb 7,  8:36am, steveb@newkla.kla.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: Pumps and Racks...
> I have never had a pump fail.  IME I lived with the slowly leaking rack for
> quite some time until the rate of leakage increased.  The car tells you when
> the fluid is low, so as long as you are prepared with an extra bottle or two
> of Pentosin I wouldn't worry about it, just monitor it ...

	Later pumps are probably better than the one in my early ('85) 5KT,
	but the pump on mine did "fail", though not catastrophically. On
	the way to LA last summer, it suddenly decided to squirt precious
	CHF?? all over the engine bay. It was pretty bad, but I was able
	to complete the trip because I was (as all prudent Audi owners are!)
	equipped with a bottle of the green stuff.

	Replacing the pump is one of the easier jobs on the car: I did
	mine in less than 45 minutes. Pentosin permanently stains clothes,
	by the way :-(

	Another related thing: it seems to be common that the hoses connected
	to the reservoir start leaking eventually. So if you start losing
	hydraulic oil, take a look at them before you convict the rack.
	I replaced them last week, and I think it's solved a persistent
	leak I had.


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