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Re: debate on the list

> I would consider splitting the list into a .tech and a .misc section,
> but I've seen what splits have done to Usenet groups and I don't
> want the quality of the posts here to drop off.
I prefer a single list as well.  No matter how much you try to focus
a particular list there is likely to be some amount of cross-posting 
and mis-posting.  IMO all this does is decrease the S/N ratio.

I also agree with what you said about non technical posts.  I have gotten
a good vicarious thrill from reading the posts on Steamboat experiences,
and I think that there is room for quick discussions about things like 
F*** and car rags.  I think that a little discretion would be appreciated
on these long threads that have marginal Audi/Quattro content ...

Sorry about the primarily "MEE TOO" post, but it seems like this is somewhat
of an opinion poll, and as usual I find Dan's position to be very close to my
own ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)