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Re: Car Rags

My take on car rags (well, two of them, anyways):

Car and Driver is useful for telling me what new cars are being 
introduced.  All I really want is specs and some pictures, which I 
could also get from MT, R&T, etc.  Car and Driver voices their 
opinion on politics far to often; I buy the magazine to read about 
cars, not politics, and I usually disagree with their opinions.  I 
don't mind that they tend to rail against speed limits and speed 
limit enforcement.  And they're based in Ann Arbor, MI, where I lived 
'til I was 12, and still consider home (of course, that's not worth 
the cover price).  For excitement, I read magazines like Hot Rod, 
though, after reading those kinds of mags for roughly a decade, I do 
find them rehashing the same stuff over and over.  I also wish they'd 
address more than straight-line performance and get off their Pro 
Street kick (which I wasn't crazy about from the beginning).  This 
type of magazine has lots of how-to and technical articles which 
often leave out crucial steps, but serve as great sources of 
inspiration.  European Car sounds like a great magazine, but I have 
yet to see it in the local stores.


   '85 Audi 5ks   '72 Suzuki GT380
   '85 El Camino  '73 Suzuki GT550 in pieces

    in beautiful Bay City, Michigan