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<QUATTRO>Re: Thread Protocol (semi-long)

On  9 Feb 96 at 5:45, Larry Mittell wrote:

> What I envision is something like this: begin each subject line with
> EVENTS, MISC.... well, you get the idea. The hard part, once everyone's
> happy with the list of categories, is to get folks to start using a new
> protocol in the first place. Harder yet is to *keep* them doing it. I
> wouldn't like to burden Dan with becoming the Subject Line Policeman, so it
> would take a few stalwart volunteers to remind folks of the protocol from
> time to time.
> Whadaya think? Too much hassle? Too structured? Not worth it? If most of us
> subscribe to just this one list, then it probably isn't.

I think it's a great idea.  Some people (myself included) will 
inevitably forget (occasionally) to use proper labels in the subject 
line, but it'll still reduce, if not eliminate, the sorting 
readers'll have to do manually.  If we can come up with a 
standardized list of labels, I'll be glad to start using them.


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