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wastegate spring adjustment

Hello all,
   I bought a turbo engine monday, and was fooling around with the wastegate
since it is a spare, and discovered that it is  adjustable !!!  If I am not mistaken,
all Audi wastegates are similar.  The adjustment is hidden by a plug (sort of like 
a carbureted car's mixture screw)  I drilled a hole the plug, then popped it out
with a screwdriver.  The adjustment is a  12mm x 1.25 pitch allen head set
screw.  It takes a 6mm allen wrench. There is about 1/4" of adjustment that 
is usable. 
    I had to heat the wastegate cap to turn the adjustment because it is
loctited in with the green stuff (which is very strong).  I doubt that you could
turn the adjustment screw without the heat.  
   Once the adjustment is free, it would need to be retained in some fashion. I 
located some 12mm x 1.25 x 25mm setscrews locally that would work quite
nicely to lock the adjustment in place.
    When Charlie's springs come, I should have plenty of boost.

                                               Mike Loeks
                                               '86 5kcstq  Squared