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If you have a 5k or 200 TQ, could you....

I'll be making some suspension decisions soon. If you have a 5000 or 200
(except 20v) turbo quattro, that meet the following criteria:

1) 205/60 15 tires
2) shocks/struts with less that 50k miles (what brand?)
3) original spec. springs without reason to believe they are sagging

...then could you take a few minutes to measure something for me, as follows?

The distance from the ground to the lower edge of the front and rear wheel
opening-kind of from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock on the wheels, but you'd be
going up to the bottom edge of the fender, above the wheel. So that we're
measuring in the same place, please do this so that your tape measure passes
over the center of the wheel hub and is perpendicular to the ground.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Mike Aiello
87 5kcsTQ