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Re: Differential Locking vs Driving

> It's not a question of not *wanting* to correct it, it's a question of
> SCCA *Solo II autocross* Stock Class rules specifically prohibiting all
> those types of mods, and therefore adjusting the very few things that are
> not specifically prohibited, struts, tires and driving style. We're not
> dealing with Prepared road-race type rules here, this is Solo II Stock
> Class stuff.

I haven't seen the '96 Solo II rulebook yet but reconfiguring the diff locks
as you have done was definitely NOT legal for Stock Class competition in the
past.  No way, no how.

I doubt you will have any problems with this at local events -- around here,
we pretty much run on the honor system -- but you're setting yourself up for
a protest at the National level.  BTDT and it's no fun...  :^(

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