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Re: 5k/200 brake pedal location...

Have you considered adding accessory pedal covers to the existing pedals to
widen them a bit?

>I'm having a difficult time being able to "heel-and-toe" the brake and gas
>pedals of my 200tq -- despite wearing size 13E shoes, I'm finding they are
>slightly too far apart -- and I wonder if anyone has noticed this as well?
>It's been a while since I last drove a stick on the street and I'm finding
>it difficult to drive my car smoothly without matching revs on downshifts,
>something which has become part of my driving "style" over the years.  I'm
>assuming that if Audi *has* changed this over the years, it may be easy to
>fix by backdating to the pedal used in an earlier, pre-"60 Minutes" car as
>the pedal boxes for various years all appear to be the same per my Bentley
>Unfortunately, I made a few calls to the local salvage yards yesterday and
>found that most of them don't have anything but automatics on hand and the
>ones that do have a 5spd. car, don't have pedal boxes in them (I'm told it
>has become a common practice to replace dead automatics with a 5spd. setup
>because it's cheaper than having one rebuilt!).  Before I start scrounging
>around for one, I'd like to know if there is indeed a difference among the
>various model years ... perhaps some kind person can measure their spacing
>so I can compare this with mine (approx. 2.5" inside edge-to-inside edge)?
>BTW, this doesn't appear to be a pedal height problem as various magazines
>have complained about in their road tests over the years ... and while I'm
>complaining, the offset steering wheel on the '89 200tq seems more obvious
>(and annoying) than it was on earlier cars and the adjustment range of the
>power seats is far too limited for my taste (they won't go low enough).  I
>am definitely growing to love that turbo, though!  :^)
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