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Re: Integrating tork over rpm?

>At 02:51 PM 02.08.96 -0800, Glen Powell wrote:
>>You guys are on the right track! What really matters over the road is the
>>*area* under the *torque* curve. Find a way to quantify this and compare the
>yup--the math guys (and gals) call that an integral.

Not an easy operation on a measured curve like that.  Even if you could do
it, it would give you a handy index, but not as much information as the
actual curve.

>Graydon said something
>about seeing the torque and hp curves in a graphic--years ago, R&T used to
>do that in the tech sheet of their road tests.  Unfortunately dropped some
>years back--i guess their newer readership just didn't appreciate the value
>of those graphs :(
>>relative values of different engines and vehicle weights and you really have
>>something, sort of a mathematical 1/4 mile.

It wouldn't be too hard to plot various graphs nomalized for vehicle
gearing and weight, but that might take too much of the fun out of arguing
about it.

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL