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Audi style

>> But what I worry about the upcoming new A6/S6 is not on the technology in 
>> particular, but on the styling dept. I sure hope Audi don't get on the 
>> "hip" styling of bug eyed uglies dept.
>what????  they are on a roll here.  the a4 is the most beautiful
>"bubble" shaped car that i have seen, all indications are that the a8
>is just a beautiful in the flesh (graydon?) so the chances are that
>the new a6 should be just a good.

A4's and A8's are fine, but could they/ would they instead style them with a
derivative of the "wildly popular"  (yeesh!) concept 1 based TT or TT-S
cars?  Could we GET that lucky? (Pardon me while I retch ;)).  I personally
would love to see them continue on the A4/A8 styling track, as these are two
of the most attractive cars being sold.  I like them _much_ better than any
of the other Audi offerings, both current, and going back a few years.  Of
course, my opinion has been questioned as to vehicle aesthetics...