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5ks Auto Tranny removal

In a message dated 96-02-09 13:31:35 EST, you write:

>Don and Joe have asked if you could send them any procedures you
>have in your possession.

I have to do this from memory - the Bentley is pretty good, too.  Before
starting below, remove upper transaxle to engine bolts - I believe there are
at least two. Disconnect battery.  Unbolt the sway bar, unbolt cv joints at
tranny.  Pop sway bar out at each end.  Unbolt lower control arm at each
strut, pop control arm out.  Tie axles out of the way.  Remove starter.
 Remove tranny dipstick (big nut at bottom allows it to drain), one bolt on
block.  Disconnect tranny linkage (don't lose that clip!) and speedo cable
(hey, mine had one!).  Support tranny and remove rear support bolts on each
side, then unbolt and remove the supports themselves (at least one bolt on
each side is a pain).  At this point the tranny AND transaxle assembly are
ready to come out as a unit.  Remove the remaining transaxle to engine bolts
and slide the entire assembly back and down.  I used to slide it out unto my
chest and then slide out from under it...   The engine must be supported in
the front (it will want to tilt forward).  You really don't want to strain
those liquid mounts.  The bentley shows a fancy support dude, I just put a
jack under the oil pan with a block of wood. 
Once its out, there are 4 small (12mm) nuts that hold the tranny onto the
back of the transaxle. Whack it a couple of times to break the seal and its
off.  Slide it off - there's a 2 foot long drive rod you shoulda pulled out
from the front first.  This is now a good time to renu that transaxle lube.

Alternate route. Leave suspension, starter alone. Remove linkage and filler
tube.  After removing the rear supports, remove the 4 tranny nuts.  Tilt the
engine as far back as possible.  Slide the tranny off the transaxle - be
careful of the long pump drive rod.  This works fine for removal, but putting
it back together this way can be dangerous (read expensive) as the pump drive
rod may not seat correctly.  It also strains the heck outa those mounts.  But
hey - it saves a couple hours!

Dave Head