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Re: American V6's (was Re: Car & Driver wagon review--more power needed!!)

From: Eliot Lim <eliot@u.washington.edu>
> > I just saw a droF Probe with a "24 valve" (probably their V6) emblem on
> > it...even the US manufacturers are heading this way...

> the ford probe uses a mazda engine.. the ford taurus uses a yamaha
> engine...  can't really count these....

the previous Taurus SHO used a Yamaha 24V V6.  The current Taurus and
Contour use a Ford designed quad cam 24V V6 (they call Duratec).  The
new SHO will have a 3.2l Yamaha 48V V8.

I believe Chrysler has a 24V V6 for their Intrepid/Concorde line.
I think even GM has one for some of their cars.  The Big 3 are closing 
the gap on the rest of the world...

Now if only I could retro-fit the new Audi 30V V6 to my '93 100CSQ...