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Re: 5000s 9004 ->9007 lights

On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, Robert Myers wrote:

> At 05:35 PM 2/9/96 -0500, you wrote:
> Keep me posted also, please Graydon.  I may have to try this simple mod on
> my '89 200TQ.
> >	I have to fix my headlights tonight because they finally "blowed 
> >up" the connectors(lack of relays:( ), and, I think I have a couple 9007s 
> >hanging around, so I would like to try this. 
> >
> >	I'll let you know how it works.
Bob, and Ernest,

	I tried installing a 9007 in a spare broken headlight last 
night.  I found that I only had to file two of the three knibs on the 
inside diameter of the hole that the bulb goes into.  This allowde the 
9007 bulb to go in perfectly, but then I started to wonder if the bulb 
was upside down or rightside up.  Ernest?  How do you know which side is 
up and which side is down?

	Regarding the resultant beam patern;  I shone the haedlamp up 
against the wall to see the pattern.  This headlamp has no lense, so the 
pattern that I saw was strictly due to the reflector.  The 9007 semed to 
create a more defined beam pattern than the 9004.  I also noticed that 
the 9007 hi/lo leads are reverse of the 9004s.  I think Ernest said that 
didn't you?

	I have to replace my connector as a result of using the 80/100w 
bulbs without relays, so I think I'll install the 9007s.  It seems to be 
at least equal if not better.

	I'll let you know when I get it installed.

Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
'86 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, GDS Racing Stage II				
'85 Mazda RX7 GS 12A-leaning-towards-a-13B-soon