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Rotating on the axles

In a message dated 96-02-12 09:34:43 EST, you write:

>arger angular momentum Vs the rotors, not to mention that the wheels &
>tires are much more massive as well. The viper has huge wheels and tires
>with enourmous angular momentum Vs those on the prowler. I'm sure one of our
>mathematics&physics types could compute this for us with respect to the
>brake rotors. We would need to know the mass and diam of the rotors on the
>viper and on the prowler, F&R, to compute their angular momentum and compare
>these values to the overall mass of the two vehicles in question, someone
>posted the vehicle weight data here. Anyone up to the mathematics challenge?
....hmmmmm   Prowler has 18in wheels the Viper 17's......