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Re: clutch bearing on 80Q

In a message dated 96-02-19 13:16:35 EST, you write:

>I had my clutch ('88 90Q) replaced a year or so ago in Phoenix.  I could not

>find an aftermarket clutch, but Net discounts cut the cost to about $200(?)
>parts.  The shop that replaced charge about $300-$400 for labor (10 hours?).
>problem is removing the tranny apparently takes a couple of hours. 
Actually, first time it took about 8(drive-in to drive out), btdt this past
wkend....   If you are there replacing the throwout bearing, IT"S 15 more
minutes work to remove the clutch, 15 more to get the rear main seal, and
(assuming proper toolage, 15 more to do the carrier bearing in the crank (1
hour for me, had to "extract it"....)  clean the flywheel with sandpaper, put
the whole thing back together....  I'll be posting a "long" procedure later
today....  Do it all bob, if you do one, might as well get your money's worth