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Re: 1990 C. Quattro ANTILOCK LIGHT

In a message dated 96-02-20 09:37:04 EST, you write:

>Subject: 1990 C. Quattro ANTILOCK LIGHT
>>Me again here,
>>nother problem I have is that the ANTI LOCK OFF light went on two weeks ago
>>during a heavy snow storm in the east.  I dont know if it is just a
>>connection on something more serious.  Has anyone ever had this problem and
>>if so, what do I do?
>>I am hoping it is something cheap and painless. :-)
>>- -Harvey

You might have gotten ice in the driveshaft splines which could have knocked
the abs sensor out of spec.....   The sensor puts out A/C voltage....  to ck,
disconnect the connector above the sensor, spin the wheel, you should get a
voltage.....  What you get is less significant than the fact you get
something......  If you get nothing then you need to move the sensor in/out
till you get a voltage....  I would get the plastic spacers (about .80 a
piece) that go on the tips of the sensors, this should prevent you accidently
going in too far....  If in/out gives no voltage then you prolly have a bad
sensor, but given the circumstances of "fault" I would not believe this the
case........   The abs controller is a self diagnostic unit....  If one of
the sensors gets no reading the abs defaults to off......  A long shot could
be your rear diff lock engaged and didn't dis, but I would think you would
feel and hear that prollum......   If that's the prollum, quick, go race Glen
Powell in NH.....  <:~)......

Definitely sounds like a sensor either faulty or no reading